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Moments in time from around the world.

Goddard Gallery is a "go to" boutique photography brand serving private / corporate buyers, professional art curators and interior designers with unique images that capture moments in time of everyday life from around the world as well as iconic landscapes and cityscapes. 

The Goddard brand has both traditional prints and several wall art products including prints with black borders, canvas and metallic finishes all to suit a range of styles and interior designs for photographic wall art in homes, offices, hotels, cruise ships, shops and restaurants.

Please ensure that you are fully satisfied with your cropping of the image size before purchase - very important with all gallery print and wall art images especially panoramic format due to different sizes of individual photographs. Please check both "Standard Sizes" and "Other Sizes" in Paper Prints at the check out in order to get the print and crop size that works best for you.

To order frames for the Paper Prints please select "+ Finishing Options" at the checkout once you are satisfied with your crop size. A range of frames to suit different interior design tastes can be viewed and selected here.

Printing and shipping is done directly from the USA. Please note therefore that customs and import fees may apply at time of the FedEx delivery to you depending on your country.

Downloading original size images for commercial use: If you are an art gallery or a private buyer you can purchase a downloaded  image for the commissioning of a single piece of art work around the downloaded image for sale or public display.

For ad agency creative art buyers the purchasing a downloaded original image is for use in one campaign only. Please use the Search Images link for keyword searching of our photographs to assist you with your search criteria.

Goddard Gallery photo books and magazines are intended for buyers of 'coffee table art' to be displayed in homes, office receptions and hotel lobbies. Goddard Gallery Photo eBooks are available to purchase for mobile media and desktop viewing.

The entire Goddard Gallery portfolio is the photographic work of Steve Goddard, the author of the book SEVEN FLOORS HIGH and his body of work goes back a number of years. Steve Goddard is the legal copyright owner of all Goddard Gallery photographs.

Gallery Contact: 

Email: sales@goddardgallery.com

Instagram: @stevegoddardgallery

Facebook: Goddard Gallery

Tel: + 44 7463 252572

Media Contact:

Media enquires  - to obtain editorial content and a selection of gallery images to use in media / broadcast publications about Goddard Gallery please contact the following person at Fifth Ring who will be able to assist you.

Stephanie Fulton

PR Account Manager

Email: stephanie.fulton@fifthring.com


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